Justin Bieber seen communing with nature: Has he really experienced an 'epiphany'?

A relaxed-looking Justin Bieber sits alone in a park.(Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has recently been spotted communing with nature. He has been taking leisurely strolls in parks alone and meditating on the grass.

Even though people have been sniggering and joking that the "Love Yourself" singer might have finally lost his mind, TMZ says it's actually because Bieber experienced "an epiphany" that he should focus more on God and nature instead of his career.

Bieber reportedly feels exhausted after his "Purpose" tour, and he thinks that focusing on nature and religion will help him regain balance in his life.

"He believes nature and religion—not concert venues and nightclubs—should become his life priorities," a source tells The Business Standard.

Another thing that Bieber decided to do recently is to stop accommodating his fans' requests to have their selfies taken with him.

On his Instagram account (@justinbieber), the singer shared a post that reads: "If you happen to see me out somewhere, know that I'm not gonna take a picture. I'm done taking pictures. It has gotten to the point that people won't even recognise me as a human. I feel like a zoo animal, and I wanna be able to keep my sanity."

Bieber adds, "I realise people will be disappointed but I don't owe anybody a picture. And people who say, 'But I bought [your] album,' know that you got my album and you got what you paid for—AN ALBUM! It doesn't say in fine print whenever you see me you also get a photo."

Bieber further explains that he wants to enjoy his life and "not be a slave to the world and [its] demands."

He loves what he does for a living, and he also appreciates the impact his songs have on people's lives. However, he wants his fans to understand that it can get pretty tiring not to have any privacy wherever he goes.