Justin Bieber invites his 137 million Instagram followers to church

Justin Bieber often uses his Instagram to talk about God and faith(Photo: Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber has been sharing post after post about his Christian faith with his 137 million Instagram followers.

The pop superstar recently invited his millions of followers on the social media platform to download the app of Churchome, the multisite megachurch pastored by his best friend Judah Smith. 

The free app provides access to the church's services and events, as well as daily guided prayers.

"Our church has an app, it's free, come join us as we learn, talk and worship our creator! I'm on now!!" Bieber shared.

He followed his post with another one in which he thanked Jesus for setting him free from shame and condemnation.

"Everything around us points us to a maker, a creator, an architect, a designer!" he said. 

"I am so grateful that the one who made it all loves me. Loves me so much that he came down to earth fully human, yet fully God making all things new by laying down his life on the cross! I am now forgiven!

"I can walk free from shame and condemnation! Thank you JESUS."

Bieber recently opened up in a video chat with Smith about how all the trappings of fame and fortune still left him empty. 

In the video posted to Instagram, Smith asked what made him decide to become intentional about developing his character. 

In response, Bieber said: "I think I've experienced so much in my short life. I've seen so much, I've experienced a lot of things that a lot of people would look [at] and think that would bring such fulfilment, whether it's things and cars and clothes, and money and stuff and girls, I've had a lot of stuff that just really left me empty." 

He admitted it was still easy to give in to the lie of, "Hey well, if you just get this you'll be happy". 

Being left empty forced him to look at the condition of his soul, he said, and made him realise that he was "just hurting and broken".

"And so I asked God, I said: if You're real, I need You to kind of show me.  And it says in the Bible: 'If you seek me, you will find me.' And rather than seeking after these other things, I just kind of started looking to God and He showed me that I was worth saving, that I was worth dying on the cross for ... that I was worthy. And it had nothing to do with what I did because I was such a hurting, broken person who was doing a lot of bad things."