Joey Feek cancer news update: Singer ready to go home, falls into deep sleep


Joey Feek is ready to go home, according to husband Rory Feek. The ailing singer reportedly gathered her family and told them she loved them and that she would be going soon because "the flowers would soon be blooming back in Tennessee."

Joey is reportedly still alive but according to her husband Rory's latest blog post, "...her body is shutting down quickly." He continued,  "The hospice nurse came again this morning and said Joey will most-likely only be with us for a few more days... at the most."


Rory and Joey Feek spend Valentine's Day in each other's armsThis Life I Live blog

Despite her ongoing battle with cancer, singer Joey Feek and husband Rory never run out of things to be happy about. After failing to snag the award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance at the Grammy Awards, Rory still has a lot to be thankful for.

"I've said before that just being nominated is enough. But after having more time to think about it... that's not actually true.

"Instead, I would say that just being able to wake up and look into the eyes of the people we care about and tell them that we love them is enough," the Feek patriarch wrote on his blog This Life I Live.

"The truth is, God has blessed us with the gift of something even bigger than a Grammy award this year... perspective," Joey's husband went on to say. And despite this, God never really falls short of surprises for the couple.

Just recently, it was revealed that the Feek couple's final album "Hymns That Are Important to Us," went to the number one spot on Billboard's country and contemporary Christian charts and number four on the top 200 chart.

When Rory congratulated Joey for the success, she responded that "this is God's record." The couple is thankful for another blessing they got to experience together. The album is now available with a deluxe edition on sale on Cracker Barrel.

Meanwhile, Rory recounted their family trip to Hawaii last year to celebrate his birthday that time. As he reminisced the better days, Rory can't believe "what a difference a year makes. The only thing that's changed is everything. And nothing."

He shared on Facebook the clip from the trip showcasing the family having the best time of their life as they explored the wonders of Hawaii together. Upon watching the clip, fans suggested that perhaps Rory can bring his wife back there again.

Rory has stated that Joey's health has been deteriorating. She, however, still finds the strength to prepare dinner from her bed and even grow a garden.