Jews, Christians and Muslims unite to safeguard environment

Leading environmentalists within the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities have joined forces for a new handbook on green living.

Sharing Eden draws on the teachings of the Abrahamic faiths to encourage people of faith to think about how their lifestyle might impact the Earth for better or for worse.

The book addresses some of the challenges related to sustainability, such as waste, climate change and biodiversity.

Selected texts from the teachings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam offer insights into how people of faith might rise to the eternal challenge of caring for the Earth.

Contributors include David Shreeve, the Environmental Adviser to the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England.

Editor Lindsay Swan said: “Sharing Eden is a remarkable example of interfaith collaboration to reach a common goal – a more sustainable future for all.

"The authors’ aim, as well as to build bridges between often-differing faiths, is to throw a green light on age-old traditions and practices.

"They provide clear, easy-to-follow advice on how we can all do our share to protect the Earth, whether we have a faith or not."

The book is published jointly by The Conservation Foundation and Kube Publishing and is available to buy from and, priced £4.99