'Jessica Jones' season 2 spoilers: Jessica has a new love interest; Leah Gibson joins cast as Typhoid Mary?

Filming for "Jessica Jones" season 2 is well underway, and some set photos give fans a little spoiler for what is to be expected in the upcoming season. Apart from getting a new love interest, a new character will be coming out into the scene as "Twilight" actress Leah Gibson joins the cast as a series regular.

Some set photos that have been circulating the internet reveal a little bit about the upcoming season's storyline, or one of the storylines that will be occurring. The photos show that Jessica has moved on from fellow Defender Luke Cage and is now locking lips with someone new. She could also be seen sporting a more casual outfit rather than her usual leather jacket. Could this mean a change in her iconic look?

Meanwhile, Leah Gibson has been announced to board the "Jessica Jones" cast in season 2 as a regular, according to Variety. Her role has yet to be determined, but fans are already speculating what part she will be playing on the Netflix show. What is known is that her character's name is Ingrid, a street-smart woman who has been educated as a nurse.

Gibson's character description was leaked on the internet back in April, so this fueled the fans' speculation that Ingrid is a codename for the Daredevil villain named Typhoid Mary. Apart from having a reputation as Daredevil's enemy, Typhoid Mary is also known to suffer from dissociative identity disorder, the name being one of her three personas, two of which are incredibly violent. Typhoid Mary is also known to have abilities such as pyrokinesis and telekinesis. Could she be the big bad of season 2?

Netflix declined to comment on whether or not Gibson's character could be the Daredevil villain, so fans will just have to wait and see when "Jessica Jones" season 2 premieres on Netflix in 2018.