Jeremy Lin news: MVP welcomes 2018 with renewed vigilance, promises epic comeback

NBA/netsJeremy Lin during Brooklyn Nets' Media Day 2017

Linsanity is getting ready for its second wind, as Jeremy Lin has announced that he will be more hardworking after his unfortunate injury last year which cost his National Basketball Association (NBA) team dearly.

The 29-year-old Taiwanese descent has taken to Instagram and mentioned, "Comfort is the enemy of progress. Don't run from adversity, beast it!" It can be recalled that in October last year, Lin ruptured his right patellar tendon after a drive to the rim during Brooklyn Nets' season opener at Indianapolis.

Because of this, Lin had to undergo extensive treatment and therapy for his injured knee, and he also had to stop playing for the rest of the NBA season. Lin admitted that this was not only devastating for him but also for his team, as his being absent during the season was quite demoralizing for the Nets, making 2017 a tough year for them.

Lin also thanked fans for giving him not only the inspiration to go on, but also gifts, as he has been showered with presents from a lot of fans. Some have even collaborated with prestigious and heartfelt gifts just to make Lin feel better. Fans who then pitched in for the present or sent their own to Lin used the Instagram hashtag #NeverDone, which Lin then picked up and is now using as his motto and mindset for 2018.

The Nets MVP believed that while his knee injury might have been devastating, this was only bad for the short term, and in the long run, he can learn a lot of things from it and can even help him become a better player and person. With this in mind, and with the overwhelming support from his fans and teammates, Lin has promised an epic comeback in for the Nets, where he can be expected to return for the 2018 season with flying colors.