Jeremy Lin news: Brooklyn Nets point guard reveals what he likes about 'DOTA 2'

Reuters/Jeff HaynesNew York Knicks' point guard Jeremy Lin talks during a new conference before the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge game during the NBA All-Star weekend in Orlando, Florida, February 24, 2012.

NBA player Jeremy Lin is has made his mark when it comes to the basketball court, but he is also known to be a video game enthusiast. The point guard talked about his first time joining an international championship and revealed what he likes about "Defense of the Ancients 2" ("DOTA 2").

Lin is among the athletes and gamers  who are drawn to the gaming scene. He was even in attendance at the "Road to the International Dota 2 Championships," a highly popular "DOTA 2" tournament among eSports junkies. In a video interview with ELEAGUE during the event, the star recalled his first time attending an international championship.

He narrated, "When I attended my first TI three years ago, I was absolutely blown away with just how hyped and energized the crowd was — the cheering and everything around it. It literally feels like an athletic event when you're watching the game."

The basketball star also shared what he likes about "DOTA 2" and the reason why he loves playing the game. He went on to divulge his favorite hero, Phantom Assassin. Lin said, "I don't like individual sports and I don't like, you know, individual games. I like it when you have to be clicking together otherwise you're not gonna win."

The 29-year-old star said that he was more of a fan of games that required teamwork as opposed to individual games. He likened professional "DOTA" players to basketball athletes like him and asserted that all of them went through a lot of training and hard work to get where they are now.

He then admitted that he plays the game if his schedule permits. For instance, he would play more during the first month of the NBA season, when he is on vacation. Lin further explained that "DOTA 2" allows him to bond with his family and friends, describing it as the most exciting part.

With the NBA season fast approaching, the Brooklyn Nets player made it clear that he's looking forward to getting back on the basketball court. In August, he took to Instagram to share his excitement through a photo of him and teammate Sean Kilpatrick in action.

Almost that time!! Cant wait for the season! @seankilpatrick #waitonit #undraftedmindset #BrooklynGrit

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He also previously shared with his Instagram followers in a Live video, USA TODAY, his strong belief that his team would be making the NBA playoffs this upcoming season. He also expressed his enthusiasm about playing with new teammate D'Angelo Russell, a former Los Angeles Lakers player. Fans are thrilled to witness the tandem of Lin and Russell, with hopes that Brooklyn Nets will make it to the finals.