Jennifer Lawrence loses her mind over uninvited guests in horrific 'Mother!' trailer

Facebook/OfficialMotherMovie"Mother!" promotional photo

Jennifer Lawrence deals with the unsettling horror brought by uninvited house guests in the new trailer of her upcoming film "Mother!"

The trailer, which was posted by Paramount Pictures Monday, showed Lawrence trying to cope up when uninvited guests begin appearing at the doorstep of her new home. Her husband, played by acclaimed actor Javier Bardem, seems to be in on the secret, as nightmarish images begin haunting Lawrence's character.

The trailer begins with a happy and peaceful note, with Lawrence decorating their brand-new house, wanting to make a paradise for her and her husband. The tone begins to get dark as she discovers bloodstains on one of her rugs.

Then, things become outright ominous as they hear a knock on the door one night. Her husband lets the stranger, an older man, into the house and lets him stay for the night. Sometime later, another stranger, the man's wife, arrives at their door step.

With strange guests in her home, Lawrence's character begins to unravel. Distraught and paranoid, she goes through their guest's luggage and finds a picture of her husband. When she tries to tell her husband about this, he only responds, "What were you doing in their luggage?"

More and more people pour in, as Lawrence is battered with haunting images of bleeding walls and lightbulbs, and dark, creepy cellars. Finally, like a scene from a homemaker's nightmares, the beautiful house gets destroyed piece by piece.

The film will most likely contain director Darrren Aronofsky's signature surreal and disturbing style, in the vein of his other films "Requiem for a Dream" and "Black Swan." However, "Mother!" is expected to be a few notches deeper into the horror side.

Lawrence and Bardem star alongside Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer. "Mother!" will be coming to theaters on Sept. 15.