'It's easier to wear a mask than a ventilator' - TD Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes(Facebook/T.D. Jakes)

Megachurch pastor TD Jakes is urging people to get tested for coronavirus because it's "running rampant" in the US.

The Potter's House pastor is also encouraging people to wear a mask to help minimize the spread of the infection. 

In the message, posted to Facebook by the Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs, he told people to "hang in there" but also to "be smart". 

"You need to get tested for COVID-19. It's running rampant. It's hurting a lot of people. It's killing them," said Jakes, whose megachurch is in Dallas, Texas.

"Wear a mask. It's so much easier to wear a mask than to wear a ventilator. Wear a mask. Social distance yourself, even from people you know and love. If they don't live with you, keep your distance." 

The Potter's House has been holding online services throughout the pandemic. 

In an earlier Facebook message in May, at a time when some churches were fighting to stay open, Jakes said it was "foolishness" to ignore official guidance. 

"When the Bible said Jesus was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days and Satan said, 'if thou be the Son of God cast yourself off of this mountain for it is written that the angels will bear you up,' Jesus did not throw Himself off the mountain just to see if angels would catch Him. That's not faith, that's foolishness," he said. 

"To put yourself in a situation where you disregard common sense, disregard it just to see if God has got you, please don't do that. I'm on here talking to you today because I'm concerned and I'm worried, and I love you and I'm scared for you."

There have been nearly 4 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US, with 144,000 recorded deaths.