ISIS Terror Grows In Egypt As Christian Man Shot Dead And Son Burned Alive

An ISIS video released in February 2015 shows 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians at a beach in Libya moments before they were beheaded.Reuters

A Christian man has been shot dead and his son burned alive in Egypt, according to reports from the region.

Saad Hana, 65 and his son Medhat, 45 were murdered in El-Arish, North Sinai in the latest wave of violence against Christians.

Father Youssef Sobhy, of the Mar Girgis Coptic Orthodox Church in El-Arish, said three masked men assaulted the father and son at their home.

'The men knocked at the door of the home of the Christians and Medhat opened the door,' Sobhy told International Christian Concern. 'The men shot his old father, Saad Hanna, in the head and then they burned the home.'

More Christians are expected to be targeted as the persecution grows, according to terror group statements.

A few days ago, terror groups in Egypt aligned with Islamic State said Christian believers were their 'favorite prey'. 

Earlier this week ISIS released a video which called for the slaughter of Egyptian Christians, and showed the last statement from the man allegedly responsible for the Cairo church bombing in December.

The 20 minute video, titled 'Kill all the Kuffar' (an abusive Arabic term for 'unbeliever') encourages fellow militants to attack and kill Christians across the country.

The video also features footage a masked man the group named as Abu Abdallah al-Masri and the perpetrator of the Cairo church bombing in December that killed 28 and wounded over 40. Most of the victims were women and children. ISIS previously claimed responsibility for the attack, calling it a 'martyrdom operation' targeted at 'infidels' and 'apostates'.