ISIS Supporters Vow To Make New Year 'Mayhem' As It Tells 'Disbelieving Dogs' To 'Prepare Your Coffins'

Nashir Media Foundation

ISIS supporters are reportedly calling on radicals to commit lone wolf attacks over the New Year as they vowed to turn celebrations into "mayhem".

A week after a deadly attack on a Christmas market in Berlin and just days before people around the world welcome in the New Year, a media group linked to ISIS shared chilling images threatening more bloodshed and carnage.

According to The Foreign Desk, one image warns: "We will make your New Year mayhem with bombings and trampling attacks." 

Another shows an attacker wielding a knife as he chases Santa Claus under a caption that tells "disbelieving dogs" who celebrated Christmas to be ready for more bloodshed "for the eyes of caliphate lions are looking straight towards you and promise you with bitter deaths." 

The Foreign Desk reports that the images were shared by the Nashir Media Foundation on an encrypted Telegram channel.  

The pro-ISIS foundation called for "lone wolf" attacks to be carried out in public spaces such as cinemas, malls and hospitals.  

In another image, Nashir Media Foundation says: "Your celebrations have become a battlefield and a fighting area.  So, wait for us." 

Despite ISIS being on the retreat in Syria and Iraq, its supporters elsewhere show no sign of waning in their determination to carry out acts of violence, as one image shows a jihadist holding a gun next to a burning '2017'.

Twelve people were killed last week when an ISIS extremist ploughed a truck into a busy Christmas market in the center of Berlin.  

European countries have beefed up their security plans for New Year's Eve celebrations in the wake of the Berlin attack, with armed police in some areas and security barriers being erected. 

In London, the Metropolitan Police will be deploying 3,000 officers across the British capital and closing some of the city's major roads and bridges.