ISIS reportedly poured acid on the faces of 15 women for not wearing veil

ISIS has poured acid on the faces of 15 women for not properly veiling their faces with the niqab.Reuters

The teachings and beliefs of radical Islam have always been severe, but the Islamic State militant group shocked the world again with reports that they poured acid on the faces of 15 women for not properly wearing the niqab, a hijab which covers the entire face except for the eyes.

The punishment was carried out by Al-Khansa, the all-female IS brigade, BasNews reported. They arrested the 15 women and detained them on Sunday in the Mosul neighbourhood of Salamiya before they disfigured their faces with acid.

Saed Mamuzini, an official from the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul said that the 15 women were served as warnings to other females in the city who refuse to comply with their beliefs and wear the Afghan-style hijab.

"They have implemented this punishment so that other women in the city will never consider removing or not wearing the niqab," Mamuzini said.

After they gained control of Mosul last year, ISIS warned the women there that they would be severely punished if they are ever caught not wearing the niqab.

"This is not a restriction on freedom but to prevent her from falling into humiliation and vulgarity or to be a theatre for the eyes of those who are looking," ISIS said in its statement. "Anyone who is not committed to this duty and is motivated by glamour will be subject to the accountability and severe punishment to protect society from harm and to maintain the necessities or religion and protect it from debauchery."

ISIS has stood firm on its beliefs, and shown no mercy to those who dare defy their laws. Just last month, they executed five Iraqi men in Mosul's city square, after their wives were caught not complying with the proper hijab wear, reported Alalam.

Not only do they enforce strict dress codes for women, but ISIS also prohibits women from walking down the streets without a male relative present. They have also banned music, singing, and smoking.

"These things have been forced on us through the power of the sword," Aisha told Al Arabiya. "People now have to either wear the veil or be executed."