iPhone 7 rumors: Sidewall display, new charger and face recognition among features?

iPhone 6, predecessor to the rumored iPhone 7[Photo credit: Apple]

Considering the fresh launch of the Apple iPhone 6 in September this year, it is still very much far-flung to think of the release of its successor. However, the buzz on a future iPhone 7 (or perhaps an iPhone 6S or even iPhone Air) is not to be ruled out.

The iPhone 7 rumored features noticeably reflect the Cupertino company's fans' request on how it should look like as well as specify elements missing in the iPhone 6. Also, the Apple Watch, which sports a number of avant-garde features, has been a major starting point for the imagined handset.

Specifications may not be laid out this early, and that should understandably be the case, but the expected build and design are already out and about. Should all this come to pass, the new Apple device will only look marvelous.

Bearing in mind the screen sizes of the tech titan's latest and first full-size handset offerings, the iPhone 7 may stay with the 4.7-inch or the 5.5-inch screen display. As a major upgrade, the iPhone 7 is predicted to receive enhanced shooters as well as a foreseen A8 processor and OS update, which was addressed by Mac World as the A9 processor and iOS 9. 

Moreover, instead of the Gorilla Glass, Apple may opt for a sturdier build by using Sapphire Glass—the same material used in the Apple Watch. A liquidmetal frame will also make the next iPhone more of a heavy-duty handset, instead of making use of aluminum.

The complete removal of the Home Button is also anticipated. This will then be replaced by full screen Touch ID or, better yet, face recognition to unlock and lock the device painlessly. Fans also suggest the charger to be made like the Lightning, complete with a reversible USB port, although enthusiasts also hope for wireless charging technology for the next iPhone.

The design of the iPhone 7 is the most enamoring factor for many. Although Apple has a way of staying with the same design for two iPhone generations, it would not hurt to think of heavily dramatic changes and concepts.

Rumors and mockups for the smartphone have all the more been promising with the absence of the screen bezel and the addition of the "sidewall displays." Mac World described this major alteration as something that "extends onto the sides of the device" which could provide display and controls for features like the music player or messaging.  This does not only improve on appearance but also on the functionality of the device.

"If I'm lying in bed and it's on the bedside table at eye level and I get an email a notification will be visible without me having to unlock the device etc," Michael Shanks, creator of the viral iPhone 7 concept, stated via The Epoch Times.

Mac World bets on a 2015 unveiling for the future iPhone flagship.