iPhone 7 release date in September; Apple files patent for a 'protective mechanism'

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are doing well in the market. The demand for the Apple flagships since their official rollout in October went through the roof. Large screens are uncharted waters in the Apple realm and even so, the very first attempt of the Cupertino-based company to establish itself as an able maker of high-end, sizeable handsets proved to be a success. In turn, early expectations on the upcoming iPhone 7 have cast shadows on these chartbuster flagships. 

Apple has a lot if tricks up its sleeves.Creative Commons

Rumor mills have been on top gear ever since. For one, speculations suggest that Apple will ditch its usual release pattern and instead go for launching two new iPhones a year. But the likeliest rumors around is the arrival of the iPhone 7 by September next year. Many look forward to what Apple will do next. Naturally, many expect the major revamping of everything inside and out and Apple seems to be giving huge attention to the durability of its upcoming handset. 

In a recent report by IB Times, the titanic tech firm is reported to have filed a patent on the "protective mechanism for an electronic device." The technology is just in time and the iPhone 7 may be the handset to enjoy it first. Prospective buyers, especially the clumsy ones, would not have to worry about having their handsets dismantled or splintered in case it goes on to kiss the ground. The statement found on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office site reads: 

An electronic device including a processor, a sensor in communication with the processor and a protective mechanism. The protective mechanism is in communication with the processor and is configured to selectively alter a center of mass of the electronic device. Additionally, the electronic device also includes an enclosure configured to at least partially enclose the processor and the sensor." 

On the other hand, The Fuse Joplin made mention of a much higher screen resolution, probably at 2500 pixels, and a pixel density that will not look all too diminutive when put side by side with other formidable phones. Nevertheless, Apple has Retina Display, which dramatically crisped and sharpened the visuals of the iPhone 6. This will be a piece of cake. One more thing users would love to see is the use of the sapphire glass and liquid metal. It was heavily speculated even before Apple's flagships took flight. Perhaps, this time, the company may be able to put this forward. 

The camera department is also a major entry in an Apple lover's wish list. The Fuse Joplin, for one, hopes that a whopping 21-megapixel shooter will make it in the iPhone 7. IB Times, on the other hand, looks ahead to a two-lens system camera that will allow users to effortlessly capture DSLR-quality shots. For a wilder prospect, users hope that Apple will slot in a projector somewhere it will be deemed fit. Samsung has done it. Apple has the means to even top that. 

Apple is likely making headway in crafting its latest offering. Rumors might be falsified and strengthened along the way, but in 10 months time, wound-up buyers would finally see the iPhone 7 in the flesh.