iPhone 6S release coming? Apply supply chain store debunks production rumors

Apple has a lot if tricks up its sleeves.Creative Commons

It turns out that giant tech firm Apple does not have the 4-inch iPhone 6S on the cards, China-based news site Feng reported. Months after the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus came to light, speculations that the Cupertino-based company will revert back to the old days and build a smaller iPhone became extremely rampant. The rumors were generally unchallenged, until today. 

The site, which says that it has reached to Apple's supply chain for information, revealed that the iPhone maker has not arranged tasks involving the manufacturing of a purported 4-inch version of its flagship smartphone. This makes it clear that the tech company has not attempted to produce such device. 

Mac Rumors has translated the article posted by Feng and here is the gist of it that quashes the uncontrollable rumors: "Wei Feng network today through Apple's supply chain has learned about the 4-inch screen iPhone 6s argument is just a hype. Supply chain sources said that Apple has not made ​​any new production tasks iPhone 4 inches to parts of the supply chain, and therefore will be launched on 4-inch screen Apple iPhone 6s argument is not true - at least so far." 

The possibility of an iPhone 6S first made rounds in the online world upon the discovered unwieldiness of the three-month-old jumbo handsets. Apparently, some users do not like the idea of a not-so-handy device and demanded one minus the big dimensions. 

Tech Radar has not put out the fire entirely though. The site has not tossed the existence of the iPhone 6S (or the iPhone 6S mini or iPhone 6c) out the window. The site argued that the handset may not be in production at the moment but Apple may work on it at some point in time, just not today. Mac Rumors iterates that Apple should consider venturing into it. There is success despite the partially unfriendly reviews of the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 6 is also too big for some and they prefer the diminutive device the company has always excellently produced.