iPad Air 3 release date rumors: specs reported to include Apple Pencil, Smart Connector and 7000 series aluminium


Apple's WWDC is on the horizon and fans of the iPad Pro are hoping the annual event will include an announcement on a new iPad Air 3.

 It's being rumored that the next edition of the iPad Air will pack in the features that Apple skipped on the last edition of the iPad Pro and it's little brother 9.7-inch edition. 

These include support for the Apple Pencil, which would be a new introduction to the iPad Air series as the iPad Air 2 does not have this feature. 

Then there is the 3D Touch, which features in Apple's iPhone 6s line-up.  

It may also borrow the 7000 series aluminium which features on the iPhone 6s.  This kind of aluminium is pretty tough and means that the device won't be so prone to bends.

The iPad Pro range has the Smart Connector and it's possible the next iPad Air could incorporate this, as well as the waterproof and dustproof features that have become standard.  

Apple is only a few months on from the release of its last tablet so it's possible the year may end without another Apple tablet seeing the light of day. 

But there is a steady flow of renders doing the rounds on the internet so it seems fans are eager for a new variant to hit stores before the year is out.  

GameNGuide speculates that an October launch is possible, given that the iPad Air 2 made its debut in October 2014.

Other rumors are even pegging the release of the iPad Air 3 to the release of the iPhone 7 in September.

There have also been rumors recently that Apple is going to ditch the line completely in favor of the iPad Pro range.

Fans were a little disappointed when Apple's March event came and went without any mention of an iPad Air 3.  Will the WWDC leave Apple fans with the same disappointment?