iOS 8.2 jailbreak release date coming soon? update details


Apple has released iOS 8.2 which aims to bring a lot of features and bug fixes. And this update should be good news to people who have been having issues with the previous iOS 8.1.3. But what about jailbroken Apple devices?

For folks who have jailbroken their devices (presumably the ones running on iOS 8.1) it is advisable to stay away from the latest updates. This was the message that had apparently been relayed since iOS 8.1.3 and iOS 8.2 are said to be unjailbreakable -  at least for now.

Apparently iOS 8.1.3 was able to patch the TaiG iOS 8 jailbreak and such is carried over to the latest iOS 8.2 update. Among the things that were fixed include security vulnerabilities.

However, if these claims from the TaiG Jailbreak team are true, a jailbreak could be available soon for the iOS 8.2. This despite earlier warnings from Jailbreak developer MuscleNerd who warned jailbreakers not to mess with the iOS 8.2 jailbreak.

An iOS 8.2 beta 1 and 2 are said to be already available. Hence, despite claims that iOS 8.2 is not jailbreakable it seems that certain exploits have not yet been fully patched. And this seems to be the case in point for the TaiG team who were able to pinpoint the exploits to jailbreak iOS 8.2.

iOS 8.2 was actually something geared for Apple's newest device the Apple Watch slated to be released on April 24.

For other Apple devices, the only thing you may find new is the Apple Watch support. And unless you do plan to get one, such could be rendered useless unless you do have plans of getting the Apple wearable.