Hundreds more churches go contactless thanks to Visa partnership

The Church of England is increasingly going contactless to keep up with the changing way in which people pay for things.

The Church of England has teamed up with Visa to help more churches go contactless.

With cash in the pocket going increasingly out of fashion, it is hoped that the switch to contactless will lead to a rise in donations for churches joining the scheme.

Around 300 churches are set to benefit from contactless readers enabling them to accept donations and payments by card or mobile phone.

Jonathan de Bernhardt Wood, National Advisor for Giving and Income Generation, said: "Many people do want to give to their local church, but increasingly they do not carry cash, so providing a contactless card reader enables them to give in a way they find convenient and easy.

"This is particularly true for people who may only come to church for weddings, baptisms or funerals. It's important we enable people to give in the way they wish to give, and we're really grateful for all the support we receive."

Andrew Dotchin, a priest in the diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, has already seen an increase in donations following the installation of a contactless reader at his church.

This has particularly been the case at special occasions like baptisms and weddings. The contactless card reader is also being put to good use receiving donations for the postcards on sale at the back of the church, and refreshments after services.  

Dana Haidan, Europe Lead for Social Impact at Visa said: "We are proud to support the Church of England to enable contactless donations in churches across England and Wales. Incorporating contactless acceptance is just one of the many ways technology can help non-profit organisations like the Church of England fundraise."