HTC One M8 Prime to release with Android 5.0 L OS in October-December

HTC One M8Video Screenshot

HTC One M8 Prime release date may happen between October and December and is set to come preinstalled with the new Android L OS.

An XDA member leaked the roadmap of HTC in rolling out the Android L OS for its handsets. It seemed that HTC will offer the upcoming version of Android OS to its two-year-old gadgets. In a leaked document by HTC tipster @LlabTooFeR, smartphones from the past two years have all been marked with the "evaluation" stamp. Their tentative timeline is between October and December.

Evaluation means that the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer is not committing that the handsets will deliver the mobile software, but is considering offering the OS.

HTC One M8, HTC One M7 and HTC One Max are some of the HTC top dogs of the manufacturer that will most likely receive the Android L OS.

Currently, Android L OS is in developer preview stage and is pegged for release in the fall. Moreover, Android-based third party manufacturers will be able to adopt and customize the operating system before it will roll out to the respective devices.

Meanwhile, HTC also plans to bring Android 4.4.4 to HTC One M8 and M7 in July or August. The devices were also lined up for Android 4.4.3 Kitkat OS update. Thus, the handsets may skip the Android 4.4.3 Kitkat OS update and will go straight to the 4.4.4 version.

On the other hand, HTC One M8 Prime was reportedly cancelled and will be replaced by the successor of the company's phablet – HTC One Max. The alleged premium smartphone is reported to be replaced by a different yet larger model. The report stated that a new 5.2-inch smartphone will replace the rumored premium smartphone. Moreover, this will revamp the HTC One Max.

Other reports claimed that HTC is planning to release a high end smartphone dubbed as HTC One M8 Plus with 5.2-inch display containing a "higher pixel count than any smartphone on the market." The HTC One M8 Plus is also rumored to feature 3GB of RAM and possibly a "water-resistant" body. However, HTC has not confirmed none of these rumors.