How Jessa Duggar changed a flat tire by herself

Jessa Duggar is no damsel in distress.Facebook

When confronted with a flat tire, Jessa Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting did not go crying to her husband Ben Seewald, nor did she ask for help from her brothers. Instead, she chose to assess the problem at hand and fix it herself.

Jessa shared on her Instagram account (@jessaseewald) a video about her flat tire and wrote, "A flat tire... Why didn't this happen yesterday when it was sunny and in the 80's?! lol! Looks like I get (to) change this one in the rain."

In the video, Jessa said she was driving down the road when she heard a weird sound coming from the tire. The tire sign was on so pulled over to check it out. She discovered her tire situation was "not good."

Her father Jim Bob earlier taught her and the other Duggar girls how to change a flat tire so Jessa did not have to worry too much, but she did have to watch some tutorial videos in order to jog her memory.

She shared a later photo of a different tire and captioned it, "Lol! Had to watch some YouTube tutorials and brush up on my tire changing skills. Spare on✔️, and safely home✔️."

After her elder sister Jill gave birth to Israel David on April 6, people have been hoping that Jessa and Ben would soon be expecting as well, but the Seewald couple seem content to enjoy married life for now.

She and Ben constantly share their love for each other on their social media accounts, and just recently, Jessa said that her husband is her "man crush everyday."

She also shared a selfie on a plane as they celebrated their fifth "monthiversary," and she captioned the photo, "Every day with you is the best day of my life!"