How Facebook is the best social networking platform for online marketing

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The right hand and prime step of social media marketing are marketing through Facebook. And if you are still not aware of how to do it, then discover here the potential of Facebook marketing.

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world now, and undoubtedly one of the most crowded places in the virtual world, wherein an average any person of any age would spend some quality time of the day at once or consistently on the go. And hence, this is the right place to tell a story, share some news, share your views, hold a poll, express ideas etc. It is again one of the best places for putting up advertisements too.

The huge platform of Facebook

Facebook offers a huge platform. People in most countries of the world, have Facebook accounts, and people of any age can have accounts in it. It's such a vast platform with so interesting and flexible operating setup that even a computer illiterate can also handle it easily. Thus, it has been a big hit and has become the king of social networking. The highly successful Facebook is one of the most important and most highly used social media sites in the world for all the right reasons.

It's always logical to target that platform for marketing where you meet the most people. Since Facebook is so much crowded and yet a place full of such variety and modes of sharing lots of media etc., thus it's a great platform to grab for marketing online. And that is why Facebook is so much in use for marketing.

Using the social networking

Facebook is the number one in social network with no rival to it till date. As a result, it is the ultimate online destination for networking, and meeting the maximum number of like-minded people. Hence getting targeted visitors on Facebook is just one of the very simple things, when you use the right keywords while marketing. Moreover using people of the right type and age group, location etc., and using Facebook pages that align to your product and services in some common niche, makes this networking site the best place for marketing online.

Sharing things

Sharing is a fundamental feature of Facebook. When you share something, especially a content or comment with a link to your webpage, then you would love the experience of it getting shared by various users. The more the post gets shared and re-shared, the more successful you are in getting numerous versions of the post getting generated with the link in various pages of Facebook. When one thing gets shared through multiple profiles and timelines on Facebook, then the number of links present throughout Facebook also increases, thereby increasing the overall number of inbound links to your site on the platform. That works as a direct boost to Google's indexing and offers a great calculation in bringing your site to the first search page of Google.

Collecting likes

Likes is a Facebook feature primarily which is now copied and replicated in various other social networking sites. But this feature was initially introduced in Facebook only. Likes mean an upvote. It signifies that a post has been appreciated and liked by the user. Users can like things to acknowledge or appreciate. And when a post gets enough likes, it inevitably means that the update has got that much of exposure, and has reached the eyes and senses of all viewers in some way. Hence the accumulation of quantitative Facebook likes is an essential part of Facebook marketing.

Interactivity with comments

Comments are a great way to communicate with users in the Facebook. When you post something that is important for the marketing of your site, and you start getting comments on that you get the benefit. The comments are public reactions to the post, and at the same time, indicate how many people are viewing your post. It brings you three benefits at a time. You get to know that people see your post, you get to understand how people are reacting on it and lastly, you get to know the opinion of people about it. Also, you can interact with those who post the comments. You can always reply to the comment, and in this way, a comment may have many nested replies in the form of a conversation. Facebook comments are a great way to make a topic more hot and interesting so that more and more eyes get on to it.

Holding polls

If you have to get an idea of how your product is, the services are, how the website looks, what people to have to say about a new launch, or new promotional events etc., then you can efficiently collect votes or polls here on Facebook. Facebook allows collecting of polls, and this is a great way to gather some real public opinion. While conducting a poll, you may state the specifics for participating in the survey, like the user group, the age group, or demography etc.

Invite to your Facebook page/event

You can create an official page or event in Facebook, and invite users to come to it and be a member of the page or event. That is a great way to raise public awareness about your product and brand presence. Events tell people about your next public activity while Facebook pages tell people about your presence in an official way.


It's true that Facebook is the best place to get started with social media marketing. But it's also true that buying likes and shares from robot generated apps will not lead you anywhere in Facebook. For real Facebook marketing, you need real people who are strategy makers by studying SEO every day. People who follow the Google updates, understand the impact of changes in the Google algorithm, are the right minds to take care of your Facebook marketing projects for your site's digital marketing and SEO. To get started contact one of the digital marketing experts who can take care of social media marketing and lead you in the direction