'Horizon Zero Dawn' release date for PS4 in 2016

Sony Computer Entertainment is releasing "Horizon Zero Dawn," a creation of developer Guerrilla Games, for the PlayStation 4 gaming console sometime next year.


The release of the new video game was officially confirmed last month at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 (E3 2015) in Los Angeles.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' has been in development since 2011, according to a report. John Gonzalez, head writer of one of Obsidian Entertainment's popular Fallout video game, designed "Horizon Zero Dawn" after he got on board the project about two years ago.

Guerilla Games also provided gameplay footage, featuring enormous robot dinosaurs and various combat capabilities set in an open and attractive world, at E3 2015.

The new game won several awards at the event, alongside other popular games such as the new Star Wars Battlefront and the new Fallout 4 video games. It made the list of the Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best Console Game and Best Action/Adventure Game, according to Venture Beat.

As a role-playing video game, "Horizon Zero Dawn" focuses on Aloy, the main character, whom players will have control over. The players may use her skills to create new items by gathering various materials as they freely traverse the game's open world.

Players can fight enemies by attacking them with various weapons such as Aloy's bow and arrow and explosives, including one called the "Ropecaster". IGN reported that players could also take refuge from the dinosaurs by visiting a land ruled by a King.

Senior Producer Mark Norris of Guerilla Games explained: "I don't think there's ever going to be anything inside of the game where you shoot a specific piece off the machine. Because the game is so based around crafting, it's always parts."

"And so there's never going to be a moment where you're like, oh, that machine has a machine gun, and now I've picked up that machine gun. Now I have a machine gun that I can put into my weapon slot." Norris added.