'Homeland' season 6 spoilers: Carrie needs medication; Claire Danes hints at fate of Quinn

Claire Danes as CarrieShowtime

"Homeland" season 6 will see the series finally make a return to the United States where Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is living with her daughter. As stated in a report from Entertainment Weekly, the season will be set during the interim period after the elections but before the president-elect takes his seat to lead the country.

Danes confirmed that Carrie will be residing in the U.S. with her daughter and while she still has work related to the CIA, following the events of season 5, she is dealing with a lot of guilt that has been built up over the years. This mental state she is in will affect how she views and tackles the problems ahead of her in season 6.

"This idea of atonement is still playing. She's accrued a lot of guilt over the years and she's still wrestling with that. She's on her meds! She's probably mentally capable," explained the actress. "She's pretty ravaged, you know, by the end. She's been through yet another ring of hell, so I think she always, in the beginning of the season, seems in the mood to stabilize, and then her calling disrupts that, so I think it'll be more of that."

Danes also teased that Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) will be making a return. During the season 5 finale, the show left off with Carrie ready to take Quinn off his life support. However, she did not elaborate further as to what capacity he would be present.

Fans speculate that Quinn may have died and is only coming back via flashbacks or halluccinations, particularly since Carrie is under medication. However, there is a chance he may have somehow survived and is recuperating, giving more room for Carrie to deal with the issues from the past and her stilted romantic relationship with him. 

"Homeland" season 6 premieres in 2017.