Hit faith-based movie Sound of Freedom gets UK release date

Sound of Freedom stars Passion of the Christ actor, Jim Caviezel.(Photo: Angel Studios)

A faith-based movie that has become the surprise summer hit of the US box office is set to be released in theatres in the UK and Ireland on 1 September.

Sound of Freedom has stirred the hearts of US audiences with its bold message about fighting against human trafficking.

The movie depicts the true story of Tim Ballard, a former government agent who resigns to rescue a little girl from sex traffickers in the Colombian jungle.

A commercial success in the US, grossing $40 million a week after its release, the film took more at the box office than the latest installment of Indiana Jones on America's Independence Day holiday.

The production stars Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ), Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, Bill Camp and José Zúñiga and has caught the attention of Hollywood's elite, with Mel Gibson taking to Instagram to show his support for the film.

"One of the most disturbing problems in our world today is human trafficking, and particularly the trafficking of children," he said in the clip. He went on to urge his followers to watch the film to spread "awareness".

Sorvino has been reported to encourage viewers to do more to fight human trafficking. The actress has been an advocate against human trafficking for nearly twenty years and has expressed that "all people of God must actively seek to help the oppressed".

The Christian Post quoted her as saying: "We have a soul that the Holy Spirit can affect. It can call to us, God can call to us, Jesus can call to us. And when we hear that call, if we don't answer it, we're turning away from God."

Although a success, the film was shot five years ago and signed with Disney but was later shelved. Many Hollywood studios rejected the project until Angel Studios acquired the distribution rights.

Brandon Perdie, head of theatrical distribution at Angel Studios, has received messages from across the country regarding theatres being filled to capacity and standing ovations for the film. "Seeing this film has become a must, thanks to word of mouth," he said.