Haste the Day's vocalist Stephen Keech fears people worshipping Christian bands instead of God

(Facebook/Haste the Day)Haste the Day vocalist Stephen Keech talks about the expectations that are hurled on Christian band members.

Stephen Keech, one of the vocalists of Christian rock band Haste the Day believes that music is a powerful tool that can transform people's lives, and that is why it's so important to use it in evangelism.

"There is nothing more emotional for some people than hearing 'that song' and it's very relavant to the listener," he told Breathe Cast. "As far as evangelising, I think music is an amazing tool to bring across an idea whether it's love or frustration or any of that stuff, and of course when you are spreading the word of Jesus or you're explaining yourself or your walk with the Lord, I think that can relate to a lot of people."

However, people have too high expectations of Christian bands, he said, and that can get really tricky and dangerous. It's all well and good when people view the band as an instrument of God, but it can be the complete opposite when people begin worshipping the band rather than God.

"I feel like it's a little scary when someone makes the band their Savior rather than Jesus," he admitted.

Another thing Keech finds difficult is the image people have of Christian band members or artists. A lot of people might think they are perfect, but he said that they, just like the rest, are pretty "flawed" and simply try to do their best living their imperfect lives.

"A lot of these guys in bands, the reasons why their songs are so powerful is because they probably mess up a lot," said Keech. "They probably have a lot of coming back to Jesus moments. That could be a reason why those songs are effective, and I'm not saying that should be a reason for people to do whatever they want, don't be so scared of falling out of God's love."