Hallmark Channel mutes 'God' in re-run of Nicolas Cage flick 'It Could Happen to You'

The Hallmark Channel left viewers upset recently when it muted out the word "God" in a re-run of Nicolas Cage's 1994 romantic comedy, It Could Happen to You. 

The word "God" was omitted throughout the film, prompting some viewers to accuse the network of giving in to "political correctness". 

According to a report in The Wire, some viewers were "disgusted" by the move and vowed to tune out from the channel as a result.  

The backlash prompted a Hallmark spokesperson to make a statement on the channel's Facebook page explaining that the decision had been made because God's name was being "taken in vain".

The Wire reports that some Christian viewers had mistaken Hallmark's decision as an attempt to scrub out any reference to God. 

One viewer wrote on the channel's Facebook page: "I think it is time to block your channel. You make a lot of money off the rising of God's only son who died and rose again day of rising, yet you bleep his Name.I am beyond disgusted." 

In its statement Hallmark explained: "As the leader of family programming, Hallmark Channel strives to provide quality programming with a balance that includes both current and contemporary shows.

"In the recent airing of, It Could Happen To You, the word God was omitted as staying on the side of caution to not offend, as our Standard & Practices department categorised it as God was being used in vain.

"We appreciate our viewers, and thank you for writing and sharing your comments with us."