Guardian angel? Little boy's photograph of strange cloud figure shocks his mum

(Photo: Facebook/Kerri Frey Liles)The strange cloud formation was taken by 7-year-old Aasher

Telling a complete stranger that angels exist might raise some eyebrows, but a young boy from Texas with Down syndrome actually has proof to back up his statement.

Aasher Liles was on a plane bound for home in Houston, Texas when he started playing with his mother Kerri's cell phone. Unbeknown to her, he used it to photograph a strange cloud formation or something that Kerri later referred to as her son's "angel." Kerri discovered the strange image while she was looking at the photos taken by her son on her cell phone.

Kerri narrated her astonishing discovery on her Facebook page: "Yesterday we were flying back to Houston from Washington and my 7 year old, who's recently become obsessed with taking pictures with our cell phones, wanted to take some pictures out of the window after I had reached across him to take one myself."

"After he took a few dozen, I took the phone back and later went through the images to delete since my storage was getting low," she continued. "As I was deleting, I came across this one close to the middle of all of his cloud and plane wing pics."

Kerri later told Chron that her son is a true blessing, and that is why they added an extra "a" to his name.

"His name reflects his AAwesomeness. You know when you get an "A" on a paper and how great that is, but when you get an 'A+', that's really, really good," Kerri explained. "That's how we feel about AAsher and how we want others to view him and his diagnosis."

While some might view Down syndrome as a bad and scary thing, the Liles consider it as something positive. In fact, they even feel they "won the lottery" with their son because he is a sweet and thoughtful boy who always knows how to cheer people up and comfort them.

"We've known for a long time that AAsher has a sixth sense about others' needs. Whether it be a hug or a smile. He just seems to gravitate to strangers in need," Kerri said. "He will let us know when he sees something by pointing and flapping his arms like wings. So, we've known he can see angels that surround him."