'GTA 6' release date: Next installment to come in 2018?

The main characters for "GTA V." It is speculated that the next installment may introduce a female character.Rockstar Games

Although fans of the free-run, open-world exploration sandbox title "Grand Theft Auto" series have been busy with the latest update from its creator, some are still wondering when Rockstar Games will decide to release the story follow-up.

According to the latest speculations, fans may look forward to 2018 as the year "Grand Theft Auto VI" finally rolls out.

In a report by Neuro Gadget, the next installment in the continuing story of "Grand Theft Auto" will probably hit the market in 2018. However, the year itself is only rumored, as Rockstar Games still has to come out with an announcement about a possible release window. Meanwhile, the report also suggested that the 2018 speculation is open-ended, and "GTA VI" may come out as late as 2020.

Meanwhile, Crossmap suggested that the 2018 date rumor was just a timeline estimate based on the "GTA V" development, which took five years. In addition, the guess is an anchor year – fans will not be able to expect "GTA VI" to be released earlier than that date.

In addition to the release date rumor, it was also speculated that "GTA VI" will bring changes to the franchise, starting with a female lead as one of the main protagonists. Also, there will be new real-world stars that will cameo in the franchise, as the series has been known to guest some major actors as game characters.

One of the main features of the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise is the vastness of its world, and "GTA VI" will not disappoint. According to speculations, Rockstar Games will design the next game to be as close to the real world as possible and may even feature a real-world city taken from major locations around the world.

Crossmap also speculated that other "GTA" purists may well opt for an amalgam of all featured "GTA" maps so far, and all of these locations will be interactive and can already be accessed from the start of the game.