'GTA 6' game rumored to be developed for PS5

"GTA 6" might be released soon, as "GTA 5" turns 4 years old.rockstargames.com

"Grand Theft Auto 5" (GTA 5) is turning four years old this year, which is why Rockstar Games is expected to release its rumored successor, "Grand Theft Auto 6," (GTA 6) soon.

The game developer, however, remains mum about the production status of "GTA 6," and this led to speculations that the new action-adventure game could possibly come out by 2020. If rumors turn out to be true, reports assume that Rockstar is developing the game for Sony's still unannounced next-generation gaming console PlayStation 5, which is expected to be released around the same time.

This would disappoint a lot of "GTA" fans since they have to wait three more years before they can finally get their hands on the new heist-heavy game.

But the rumor might be untrue since Rockstar normally launches "GTA" games on the previous-gen consoles before they introduce them to the newer consoles after a year.

On the other hand, Value Walk opines that the game developer might be savoring its silence regarding the development of "GTA 6" to increase fans' anticipation of the next major installment of the highly popular video game franchise.

The report also mentions that the game developer would possibly come up with an upgraded version of the game. New gameplays and maps are also expected to be introduced in the upcoming game.

Some of the previous rumors about "GTA 6" include the inclusion of a retro-inspired, 1970's setting. This could be an interesting option for the game, since most of the previous installments have contemporary themes.

Other rumors claim that the new "GTA" will come out with a female protagonist. This will also offer a fresh perspective on the game, since it is known for its male-dominated world. If rumors are true, actress Eva Mendes is expected to give life to the new female character in the next "GTA 6" release.

Rockstar has yet to break its silence regarding the development of "GTA 6," thus fans should take this news with a grain of salt.