Greenbelt organisers are 'hoping against hope' that the festival can still go ahead

Alex Baker Photography

The organisers of Greenbelt are "hoping against hope" that the annual Christian festival can still go ahead as planned this summer.

In an update to supporters, they said they were continuing to make preparations for the event but admitted they have "absolutely no idea" if it will be able to take place as scheduled because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

They added that they were holding off announcing the line-up until they "have a clearer idea of how this will all play out". 

"In an ordinary world, we usually make our first lineup announcement around this time of year. We've spent the last few months building the bill, handpicking the performers, dreaming up new stages, making somewhere to believe in. Even if, right now, it feels more like somewhere to make-believe in," they said. 

"Unfortunately none of us live in an ordinary world any more, and we're aware that you'll have more on your mind right now than four days at the end of August. But for now, we're still hanging in there. Sweating the details. Dreaming big. Hoping against hope."

They went on to say that they expected to know by "around Easter" whether Greenbelt can go ahead. 

In the event is cancelled, people who have already bought tickets will be offered a full refund or the option of rolling them over to next year. 

Instead of ending with a request for prayers for the festival, they asked Christians to pray for others.

"If we do have to end up postponing Greenbelt then we will, of course, be absolutely gutted," they said.

"And we will immediately begin plotting to bring you slices of Greenbelt goodness across the summer. But compared to the suffering of those with Covid-19 or the pain of those who will lose their loved ones, we are still the lucky ones.

"So please save your thoughts and prayers for those who really need them right now - every single person working to beat this thing, keep us safe and protect those we love, whether they're saving lives or stacking our shelves.

"Stay safe and we hope to see you all in the fields."