'Gotham' season 2 spoilers: The Joker and Mr. Freeze could show up


"Gotham" season 2 intends to bring to life one of the many comic book fantasies of DC Comics fanatics who also happen to be ardent followers of the TV series, and it involves the electrifying arrival of a madman and a sadistic criminal mastermind on the small screen. 

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, series creator Bruno Heller revealed that the Joker, the crazed clown garb-donning murderer and Batman's maniacal arch-nemesis, will be molded into a full-fledged troublemaker in as early as the show's sophomore run. Viewers were already given a foretaste of the character's rearing in the show. 

"We're going to find out how the hell Jerome, the proto-Joker we met earlier in this season, connects with the Joker as people known him. That's the big focus of the beginning of the second season. We're going to tell the story of how the Joker came to be," Heller told the publication. 

Apart from Joker's addition, "Gotham" season 2 will also show more of Dr. Leslie Thompkins as actress Morena Baccarin, who plays the character, was promoted to series regular. This means that her relationship with Detective Jim Gordon will be fleshed out even more. 

What is more exciting about the new season of the comic book adaptation is the possible appearance of Dr. Victor Fries, who, as comic book fans know, took on his supervillain identity Mr. Freeze after his failed attempts to save his ailing wife changed his life forever. 

"Gotham" season 2 will be packed with more adversaries as The Riddler continues to wreak havoc in the city and the possible arrival of Clayface and Madhatter is in the offing. However, the evil pack has lost Fish Mooney as actress Jada Pinkett Smith left the show after the first run. 

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is steeling himself for a long-term Bat-career ahead. In his quest to give his parents justice, he will discover that his father had secrets, too.

"Gotham" season 2 will begin production on June 22.