GoPro Hero 5 release date: action camera expected to release in October, may feature 3D recording


Action camera manufacturer GoPro is expected to raise the bar with the release of its upcoming action camera, Hero 5. According to Master Herald, one of the biggest perks of owning the upcoming product is that its video recording resolution goes up to 8K and that too, at a steady frame rate of 30 FPS. Users will effortlessly be able to switch between the 4K (record at 60 FPS) and 8K resolutions and aside from that, the product is expected to feature an advanced Bluetooth 4.0 module. This component will provide faster video and image uploading speeds compared to Hero 5's predecessors.

Additionally, the battery life is expected to be increased up to 150 percent, allowing users to capture high resolution images and videos for a longer period of time. GoPro has not stated if Hero 5 is going to be available in two variants, which is the approach the company went with when releasing its Hero 4 action camera. Apart from featuring the ability of recording 8K videos at 30 frames per second, Master Herald also reports that Hero 5 will be able to record 3D videos.

Once again GoPro has not confirmed the existence of the aforementioned feature, but since the product is slated for an October, 2015 release, consumers will soon find out if the action camera is actually a cut above the rest or not.

Due to better hardware components as well as having the capability of recording 8K videos at a steady frame rate, consumers should not be surprised if the launch price of Hero 5 ends up being higher compared to both variants of Hero 4.

Currently, GoPro Hero 4 Silver carries a price of $399 (able to record 4K videos at 15 FPS) while the Hero 4 Black variant is priced at $499 (able to record 4K videos at 30 FPS).