'Good Friday just got better'. Christians condemn shocking Tesco cheap beer advert

Tesco Good Friday ad #failFacebook

The supermarket giant Tesco has offended Christians across Britain with a newspaper ad that completely fails to understand Good Friday.

The text of the newspaper ad suggests Good Friday, a day of sorrow, fasting and penitence when Christians remember the date of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago, is actually a 'good' day.

Tesco suggests customers can make it even better by having a few drinks.

The offensive ad reads: 'Great offers on beer and cider. Good Friday just got better.'

The ad was picked up by Michael Wakelin, religious literacy expert and former head of religion at the BBC.

He posted it on Facebook, noting that it illustrates perfectly 'the need for religious literacy training'.

The ad also went viral on Twitter, where Retrak charity CEO Peter Fahy tweeted: 

Church of Engand vicar and BBC presenter Rev Richard Coles commented: 'fail'.

Others also expressed their shock and disgust:

A Tesco spokesperson told Christian Today: 'We know that Easter is an important time of the year for our customers. It is never our intention to offend and we are sorry if any has been caused by this advert. We will not publish it again.'