'Girl Meets World' season 3 spoilers: will Riley and Lucas's relationship change after going to high school?

Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and the gang's transition to high school looks very interesting, based on the trailer for the two-part premiere of "Girl Meets World" season 3.

The gang will realize that high school is a lot different from middle school.

In one of the scenes, Riley and her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) make a vow that they will stay with each other no matter what happens. But the two are immediately separated when a horde of students suddenly arrives.

In another scene, the overly excited Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes) cannot wait to start their fun-filled adventure in high school. But the freshmen meet several bullies who appear to make their plans difficult to achieve.

It seems like the bullies are the least of Riley's problems in the upcoming premiere episodes of "Girl Meets World" season 3. Based on the trailer, Riley and Lucas will have a little falling out. This will prompt Lucas to tell Riley, "You are just too much for me," before walking out. Does this mean that the middle school sweethearts will call it quits in high school?

Early speculations claim that "Girl Meets World" season 3 will feature the resolution to the long-running love triangle between Riley, Maya and Lucas. If Lucas will really dump Riley, this could imply that he will be free to start a new relationship with Maya. But will it be okay for Riley to see her ex-boyfriend and her best friend together?

Meanwhile, actor Ben Savage posted a photo of a script for an episode he directed for "Girl Meets World" season 3. Based on the photo, episode 11 will be called "Girl Meets I Do." This could mean that someone on the show will get married. Will this feature the actor's character Cory Matthews and his wife Topanga's (Danielle Fishel) renewal of vows? Or will another pair tie the knot this season?

"Girl Meets World" season 3 premieres on June 3 on Disney Channel.