'Ghost Recon: Wildlands' free to play until Oct. 15

"Ghost Recon: Wildlands" website"Ghost Recon: Wildlands" for free this week

With its new Player versus Player (PvP) mode coming out soon, Ubisoft has announced a free long weekend for Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon: Wildlands" on PC, XBox One, and PlayStation 4 (PS4) to give players a chance to check out the open-world action game. Those on PC could even start pre-loading it now through Uplay.

Ubisoft has opened up "Wildlands" on all platforms starting Thursday, Oct. 12, and is available for free until Sunday, Oct. 15. That's apart from the earlier announced five-hour trial, which has been available since August. During the free weekend, players would also be able to enjoy the wide array of free updates since the game's launch early this year.

This includes the open beta released on Oct. 10. In this 4v4 mode, two groups of players will compete on a four against four tactical deathmatch that will require both strategy and skill. Each player will play a specific role in the battlefield — Assault, Marksman, and Support — as both teams go through an array of large-scale open maps. Mountain Village, Dust Farm and Coca Farm are just some of the battlefields.

All 12 classes will also be available for the trial, which include Scout, Pointman, Tank, Enforcer, Sniper, Artillery, Assassin, Diversionist, Medic, Ranger, Sentinel, and Tech. More classes will be available in the coming months for those who purchase the game.

Basing on its official website, looks like players would indeed need a long weekend to get the hang of the game. Ubisoft estimates that a player would need to play until level 50 to unlock all the game's features, and that's when the fun would officially begin. 

All progress will be saved and carried over in case the player decides to purchase the game, which will be sold half the price on the entire duration of the free weekend.