French park attacker shouted 'in the name of Jesus Christ'

The suspect is seen in footage of the attack posted to social media.(Photo: Twitter)

There are media reports that the suspect in a stabbing rampage in France shouted "in the name of Jesus Christ" during the attack that has left several children seriously injured.

French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne has confirmed that the man is a Syrian national who had refugee status in Sweden. 

The attack took place in a lakeside playground in Annecy on Thursday morning.

Four young children, one of them a British girl, were stabbed in the attack and are being treated in hospital for life-threatening injuries. 

Two of the children are French, while the third is Dutch. They are all aged between 22 months and three years ]

Two adults were also injured in the attack. One of the children was repeatedly stabbed in his pram. 

It has been reported that the man shouted "in the name of Jesus Christ" twice during the rampage. The Daily Mail reports that he was seen clutching a crucifix necklace before carrying out the attack. 

The Catholic Archbishop of Annecy, Yves Le Saux, said that a mass for victims and their families will be held in Annecy Cathedral on Friday.

He said: "This tragedy poses questions about violence that is running through our society and pushes us to work ever harder, together, to fight it."

The suspect is reported to have entered France legally but had his asylum application rejected by the country four days ago.

Authorities said that there is no terrorist motive for the attack at present, and Ms Borne said that the suspect had no criminal or psychiatric history.