'Final Fantasy 15' release date: 'Uncovered' event to reveal more than just game launch date; new details about gameplay revealed

Get ready for Noctis's arrival this year in "Final Fantasy 15."Final Fantasy 15/Square Enix

In the "Uncovered: Final Fantasy 15" event on March 30, the much-awaited "Final Fantasy 15" release date reveal will finally take place.

The trailer released by Square Enix teases that it will be "a behemoth of an event," seeing that it will unveil more than just the release date of the much-awaited action role-playing game.

The developer promises that "all kinds of wonderful stuff never seen or heard before" will also be showcased in the "Final Fantasy 15" event.

As of now, it remains a mystery what the "Uncovered: Final Fantasy" event has in store but fans can expect themselves to be treated to loads of exciting new information about the game that they have been waiting for for a decade.

Thankfully though, during a NicoNico livestream, "Final Fantasy 15" director Hajime Tabata revealed what  type of details will come out of the event, including the resolution of the game. The frame rate won't be disclosed just yet.

Tabata revealed that their work is ongoing with regards to maintaining the game at 30 fps (frames per second) but Square Enix has yet to optimize this as sometimes the game exceeds the set frame rate.

The "Final Fantasy 15" director assured that they will keep adjusting the game before it is set to hit the markets. In the event 30 fps is not met, Tabata's team is prepared to do something else.

Tabata also revealed that Square Enix is cooking up a "Final Fantasy 15" PS4 bundle with Sony. There's no word if Xbox One players can expect the same.

Gameplay-wise, it was revealed that "Final Fantasy 15" players will not at all miss the cactuars, who will be more powerful when they appear in the game. In fact, they can even dodge Shift Breaks.The main game, on the other hand, is expected to take players around 50 hours to complete.

"Uncovered: Final Fantasy 15" will take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Hollywood, California on March 30 at 7 p.m. PDT. Fans can watch a live stream of the event via YouTube and Twitch.