'Fences' release date, news: Cast portrays story worthy of Oscar nod

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The awards season is coming very quickly, and each individual has a film in mind. Despite differences in preference, it is no secret that Denzel Washington's "Fences" is one of the noisiest movies that could possibly rake in the trophies with its heartfelt drama and convincing portrayal of an August Wilson play.

The newest trailer for the film shows almost every facet of humanity. Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) struggles to provide for his family, which can be seen as falling apart. Rose Maxson (Viola Davis) is already filled to the brim with standing by quietly while she fails to achieve her own hopes and dreams. Their son Cory Maxson (Jovan Adepo) doesn't feel loved despite trying his very best to be recognized.

There is a bit of humor, a sprinkle of worry, a dash of betrayal, a pint of pride and everything award-winning. The dynamics among the cast is very palpable and authentic, inviting audiences to discover with them how the complex story is going to come to a close, and hopefully a good one at that.

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Hollywood Reporter praises the cast of the film, making special points toward Washington and Davis who have played the roles before. Washington portrays very well how a man carries himself with pride to the point of sometimes being boisterous and unreasonable. Davis counters this and supports him by showing how Rose keeps up with life with Troy, where despite his flaws she still grows to love him and stand beside him.

As such analysis is made by a lot of critics, it isn't difficult to see how the ensemble could win big in the upcoming awards. Backstage enumerates the ways the cast can make the spectacle possible.

Washington could make it big in the director and actor's category, considering the material is already something close to his heart. Having two Academy award wins under his belt means he is an eligible candidate for the honor.

Davis also never pales in front of the camera, holding her own in portraying her role as Rose. The two-time Oscar nominee has been making waves for quite some time now, and the time is ripe for her to be recognized.

"Fences" opens in cinemas on Dec. 25, 2016.

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