'Fear the Walking Dead' episode 3: Madison and kids visited by an unwanted guest in 'The Dog'

At last, a new installment of "Fear the Walking Dead" season 1 airs tomorrow. In celebration of Labor Day, the series skipped a week. But on Sunday, it returns for episode 3, which is titled "The Dog." Here, Travis will do everything to keep his family safe.

Los Angeles has been struck by something horrible that made everyone in it go riotous. Travis and his family have been a victim of the worst of these riots and now that they managed to get out of it, they set out to find refuge, as the synopsis for the episode teases.

The first preview for "Fear the Walking Dead" season 1 episode 3 shows Travis driving his van that has his family and their friends, the Salazar couple as they flee from the commotion and the danger.

The second trailer recently released features Madison, Nick and Alicia as they seal themselves away from the chaos out there. But something or someone gets inside the house, casts his ominous shadow for the frightened family to see and lurks behind the curtain.

Nick, being the brave soul that he is, slides the curtain that conceals their unexpected visitor away even after his mother and his sister told him not to. The clip did not let fans see the person hiding and it is insane to imagine how bad things will get when this unwanted guest jumps at Nick.

The third episode of "Fear the Walking Dead" season 1 episode caps the first half of the season. The freshman run of the show will only last for six episodes and these episodes will be painfully slow in building up the full-on destruction of the epidemic fans see clear in "The Walking Dead."

Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia in the spinoff, described to Huffington Post that the series will be a "slow burn." She reiterated how comic book creator Robert Kirkman wanted it to be a different take on the outbreak.

"You never just find yourself in an illogical situation. It takes time for that development," the actress teased.

"Fear the Walking Dead" season 1 episode 3 "The Dog" airs Sept. 13. If you miss the episode, be sure to watch it online via live stream on AMC.