'Far Cry 4' PC requirements: quad-core chips necessarry as crashes continue on dual-core PCs


Ubisoft released the fourth installment in the "Far Cry" series last week, but gamers using budget-friendly dual-core computers who want to enjoy the newly-released "Far Cry 4" may have to upgrade their gaming artillery to units with at least four cores. 

In the past, games that recommend quad-core processors could manage to run with chips with lower specs. This is apparently no longer the case with "Far Cry 4,"  as a quad-core AMD or Intel  is one of the requirements for running the game. Players who insist on running the game on computers that don't meet the requirement experience getting a black-out screen. 

Some users claim that the problem is due to a "failure to launch" bug, while others say that the problem lies on the PC's pure thread as some gamers were able to run the game in PCs with i3 chipsets with hyper-threading enabled, although the game requires Intel Core i5-750, at least. 

It seems that some of the games released recently require true quad-core chips. While everyone knows that quad-core PCs are still quite expensive, die-hard gamers will have to invest in a new PC or upgrade their current one if they want to enjoy the latest games.  Other than "Far Cry 4," "Watch Dogs" also performs quite poorly on the said CPUs. It was also reported that "Dragon Age: Inquisition" and "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" did not work in dual-core processors at first, but game developers managed to resolve the issue through an update with fixes. There is no word yet whether or not Ubisoft will release a patch that will make "Far Cry 4" work in the same way. 

This could mark the steady move of games that will need quad-core chipsets as gamers demand better graphics, performance, and gameplay. 

"Far Cry 4" is a first-person shooter and adventure game for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.