Ex-Radical Islamist turned Christian evangelist warns of educational Jihad that seeks to Islamise West

Isik Abla says, 'I had no identity and no self worth until I met Jesus!'(Facebook/Isik Abla Ministries)

A former radical Islamist turned Christian evangelist is warning the West of another form of jihad being waged in the education front.

Isik Abla told The Christian Post last week that wealthy fanatical Muslims are sending jihadist students to America and other Western countries to infiltrate the world's top universities as part of their group's ultimate objective to Islamise the West.

She explained that there are different types of jihad. Aside from the physical jihad, which is the use of force to kill and conquer "infidels," Abla mentioned four other types of jihad—educational, population, media, and economical jihad.

"We are seeing these ... types of jihad integrated in the Western world today," she said at the Proclaim 17, NRB International Christian Media Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Abla said she herself was recruited to wage educational jihad by her first Muslim husband.

"Educational jihad pays the tuition of the students to send them to high prestigious colleges and universities" in the West like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, the Turkish native explained.

She said the goal is to put jihadists "in high places [of] power to dictate what needs to happen in the Western world [and] to Islamise the Western world."

Abla said she woke up to the realisation that she was just being used by the Islamist extremists to further their own agenda when she fled Turkey to America to escape from two extremely violent marriages.

She said it was when she began working under a Christian employer in America that she found Jesus.

"On the day that I was going to kill myself, commit suicide, Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me in a miraculous way and changed my life completely," said Abla, who is now an ordained minister.

Writing in her ministries' Facebook page, Abla said, "I had no identity and no self worth until I met Jesus!"

"Jesus showed me who I was created to be and how precious I was to Him. That revelation changed my life!" she wrote. "As a Muslim woman I was inferior to men. But today, I am child of the Only Living God through Jesus Christ."