Evangelist Kyle Winkler creates 'Shut up, devil' mobile app

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An evangelist has created an app to help Christians resist the devil.

The "Shut Up, Devil!" app was created by Kyle Winkler of Kyle Winkler Ministries, and is described as "The power to silence Satan... in your pocket!"

Winkler said he got the idea for the app while trying to resist negative thinking.

"A couple years ago, I awoke to a series of condemning thoughts and nagging accusations, reminding me of my every sin since potty training," he told The Blaze in an article published Wednesday.

"The constant negative thoughts made me feel disqualified to be used of God, and nearly caused me to walk away from ministry."

Winkler found comfort in the word of God.

"I turned to Scripture as a way to help," he said. "Throughout the Bible, it refers to the importance of Scripture to help with renewal of the mind and in spiritual warfare.

"The Psalms instruct us to meditate upon scripture day and night (Psalm 1:2). And those who have observed Jewish people doing this know that this involves speaking it."

The minister and author decided to empower other Christians to defeat the devil by quickly and easily finding the scriptures that relate to their issue. Users can search Shut Up, Devil! by category, including anxiety, addiction, and other topics, and mark beloved passages as favourites for easy reference.

Scriptures can be shared with friends, and there is an alarm feature that reminds the user to read a scripture aloud. The app launched for iPhones on October, and for Androids last month.

Winkler also shared how he came up with the name for the app.

"I chose 'Shut Up, Devil!' [as the name] because I believe it's a modern way to describe what happened at the cross," he said.

"That is, as Colossians reveals, the cross cancelled the record against us, which ultimately silences the accuser. When you speak Scripture aloud, you remind Satan of His defeat at the cross, which ultimately declares, 'Shut up, devil!'"

More information on the app is available on shutupdevil.org.