Evangelical student ministry UCCF suspends directors

UCCF, the university Christian Unions umbrella organisation, has launched an investigation into "various allegations" against two senior leaders. 

National Director, Richard Cunningham, and Field Director, Tim Rudge, have been suspended pending the outcome of the formal independent investigation. 

UCCF Chair, Chris Willmott, said in a statement that the allegations "do not relate to matters of sexual misconduct". 

The evangelical student ministry did not elaborate further on the nature of the allegations.

"Suspension is a normal practice in such circumstances and is not any indication of guilt. It is an important and biblical principle not to prejudge the outcome of any process," it added. 

The ministry is in the process of appointing an investigator and will release more details about the scope of the investigation once they are in place.

"Please keep the ministry and staff of UCCF in your prayers at this time," the statement ended.