Egypt's Christians pray ahead of constitution vote

Christians in Egypt are gathering today to pray for the future of their nation and their freedom.

A crucial vote is set to take place on Saturday over a controversial draft constitution, which Christian groups say does not offer adequate protection for religious freedom.

Thousands of Christians are expected to take part in the prayer event at Cairo's Cave Church.

They will be praying not only for the present crisis, but for church unity and spiritual revival in Egypt.

SAT-7 will be broadcasting the service live. It said many people were fearful of the impact of the constitution.

The satellite channel's Egypt Executive Director, Farid Garas, said prayer was the "best and only thing we can do right now amongst everything that's happening".

He is hoping the prayer gathering will send a powerful message of concern to the country's leaders.

About the role of Christians, Mr Garas said: "The church is encouraging all Christians to do their national duty and to take a role in their society."

The service will be broadcast live on SAT-7 and online here from 1600-2230 GMT (1800-0030 Egyptian time)

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