Duggars living a 'grand life'? Yes, says Jessa, 'coz we have each other and God'

Jessa Seewald with her husband Ben in a photo she posted on her Instagram account sometime in mid-August this year.(Instagram/Jessa Seewald)

Ben and Jessa Seewald recently attended the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. The couple's visit was such a blessing to one fan that she even shared the experience in the Duggar Family Blog.

"I wanted to thank you for hosting the ticket raffle. It was a privilege to meet Ben and Jessa today. Jessa was beaming. Ben was boldly proclaiming the Gospel. What a blessing it was," she wrote.

The young Christian couple gamely answered fans' questions, especially regarding Jessa's pregnancy and their married life. Jessa said one thing that really left a lasting impression and positive impact on the audiences' hearts.

Many assume that since its members are celebrities, the whole Duggar family is living a pretty grand lifestyle. Jessa agreed, but she explained that their grand lifestyle is not the same one that some people assume it to be.

"We live a grand life because we have each other and God," she said.

During the show, Jessa finally dispelled rumours that she is carrying twins since she confirmed that they only saw one baby in the ultrasound image of her womb. The only question that remains is whether she is carrying a girl or a boy.

They promised to reveal the baby's gender on Nov. 1 this year when Jessa finally gives birth, making Baby Seewald Jim Bob and Michelle's sixth Duggar grandbaby following the arrival of Meredith Grace last month.

At the same time, Jessa teased that Ben has a secret talent: singing. After much coaxing, Ben agreed to showcase his singing talent and sang "Happy Birthday" to one audience member.