'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson urges vote for 'biblically correct' U.S. presidential candidate

Phil Robertson urges American voters, 'I would say cast your vote for the one that we have a better chance to remain the republic that we are.'(Facebook/Phil Robertson 'The Duck Commander')

"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson believes that Christianity in under attack today and that the best way to fight back is to vote for the "biblically correct" candidate for the 2016 U.S. presidential election — Donald Trump.

"The people that get elected and are sent to Washington, D.C. to represent us, the United States citizens, we are the ones that put them in there," Robertson tells My Faith Votes. "The problem is not so much the ones that end up in there — the politicians — it is the people who put them in there. We elect people. Well, if you elect depraved souls, you are going to get depravity. That's just the way it works."

Robertson says God instructed people not to kill, and yet people are doing it through abortion. He notes that Trump's opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, is one of the biggest supporters of abortion service provider Planned Parenthood.

"Remember, everything I do is vetted through the Bible. When God says 'don't murder,' I'm taking it for what He said. Therefore, don't kill your children in their womb. It's murder. So, don't murder," Robertson stresses.

Abortion is not the only thing wrong with today's society, says Robertson, since people are condoning same-sex marriage as well.

"Get married to someone of the opposite sex. Keep your sex right there. You'll never get a sexually transmitted disease. I would vote for someone who believes that. And the list goes on and on and on," he says. "You call it secularism. I just call it 'the evil one.' The evil one that controls human beings. That's what I call it."

Robertson does not hide his preference for Trump, but when a woman asked him who she should vote for, the reality show patriarch says he hopes she would know better and prioritise biblical correctness.

"I am going to leave that up to you to cast your vote. I would say cast your vote for the one that we have a better chance to remain the republic that we are," Robertson says. "So, I would just simply say: You have political correctness on the one side. Biblical correctness on the other. I am on the biblically-correct side. Therefore, I would tiptoe through the tulips but you just have to vote your conscience, woman."