'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' plot rumors: Alleged screenshot leaks online

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 alleged screenshotCouresy of AreaJugones

Given the massive success of "Dragon Ball XenoVerse," rumors of a sequel have started floating online. An alleged screenshot of the startup screen for "Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2" surfaced on areajugones, although there are many reports discrediting the image due to several discrepancies.

According to a report from PushSquare, the first indication that the image may be fake is that the release date is separated by a comma. Instead of simply stating "June 2016," the image has "June, 2016" listed, indicating that a specific date was merely deleted but the comma was left behind, presumably by mistake.

There is also the issue of the old PlayStation network logo still being used in the image. The logo was changed early this year alongside a new firmware update for the PlayStation 4. Given that the leaked screenshot of "Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2" still uses the old logo is an indication that it could be a constructed image instead of the real deal. 

The report also states that the off-screen shot of the screen is another big giveaway that this may be a fake image. If it was a real screenshot, then it should be a clear, direct print-screen. This technique is often done to hide a poorly constructed fake image. 

With the Tokyo Game Show quickly coming up this Sept. 17 to 20, it is likely that more information regarding this leak will emerge. Bandai Namco Games may make an official announcement regarding "Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2," including confirmation if they are indeed developing the game. 

As of April of this year, the game has sold well over 2.5 million copies worldwide, making it one of Bandai Namco Games' most profitable titles. This increases the likelihood that they will develop a sequel in the near future but this leak may not be the evidence that fans are waiting for.