Dr. Ben Carson, Kirk Cameron tell Christians to vote: 'Our future is in our own hands'

Kirk Cameron and Dr. Ben Carson discuss their thoughts on the upcoming presidential elections.(Screenshot/My Faith Votes)

Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson and "Growing Pains" star Kirk Cameron formed an unlikely alliance on Tuesday as they attended a live, interactive event organised by My Faith Votes, which is "a non-partisan movement inspiring Christians to vote."

The two said a lot of Americans appeared to have already made plans not to vote, but that it's time for them to change their minds, according to The Christian Post. During the last elections in 2012, around 25 million people of faith did not cast their vote.

Carson said it's a shame because they threw away their values and principles. "Our future is in our own hands," he said. "We have to stand up for what we believe."

The secular movement is in full force trying to remove all vestiges of faith, Carson said, adding that this is happening despite the fact that "Judeo-Christian principles were right there as our country was founded."

If Christians do not defend their religious liberty, it will be taken away from them for good, he warned.

Carson prayed that "the eyes of the people will open and they'll recognise that there was a reason God gave them a tremendous reasoning ability, so that we can analyse things for ourselves."

If God did not want Christians to get involved in politics, then the former neurosurgeon says God would not have blessed them with reasoning ability.

"When you don't vote, you're voting," he said.

For his part, Cameron said what makes America great is the faith of the common people. He believes people's values will help determine what is right and wrong for America, that's why it's very important for Christians to let their values be heard and felt in the government.

When the righteous rules, then people will be happy. In contrast, people will perish when the wicked rules,Cameron warned.