'Divinity: Original Sin II' release date, news: New title may outshine its predecessor

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A lot of PC games tend to favor multiplayer games for a lot of reasons, but the most obvious one is the ability to gain a huge audience through cooperative play. This is where developer and publisher Larian Studios excels in, thus the creation of the critically-acclaimed sequel "Divinity: Original Sin II."

"Divinity: Original Sin II" is a role-playing video game that boasts a rich single player mode as well as an impeccable multiplayer design. Being a Kickstarter title, it is funded by a community of backers who find interest in the concept of the game.

As per PC Gamer, Steam players are able to get early access for the said title, making them the first ones to ever experience the improvements made in the sequel. Even in an unfinished state, Act 1 of the Divinity Lore still surprised players with the new art and user interface, as well as four playable races - namely Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Lizards.

According to the official website, by the time the game is perfectly ready, the playable races will be expanded by one more, with the Undead race as the addition. It is also said that the origin stories of each will evolve in the single player campaign, adding more depth to the already ambitious story of "Divinity."

Moreover, the character creation is another feature that will certainly enthrall the players of the game. With the open world, the player's choice is his own, wherein he won't need to follow any storyline, giving him a free hand in how to proceed with the game.

As always, the crowning glory of "Divinity: Original Sin II" is the multiplayer game, emphasizing on cooperative play. Despite being in a group, each will have different objectives as the story of one won't be identical to another, making the quests very personal.

Players who got early access to the game are raving about the sequel. It goes as far as CGM naming it a Kickstarter Victory. It can be recalled that various titles backed by Kickstarter have gone south, but "Divinity" is a different story, thus the development of the sequel to the series.

"Divinity: Original Sin II" will be made available to PC gamers in 2017.

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