Digital Bible revolutionising how believers engage with God's Word

|PIC1|A new digital bible is revolutionising how the Bible is experienced.

The launch of Glo, an interactive, virtual Bible has made headlines around the world.
Released in the USA by Zondervan in October, Glo was launched in the UK in November by Hodder Faith.

Accompanying the NIV Bible text and study notes, Glo brings God’s word to life with more than 500 virtual tours of the Holy Land, 7,500 encyclopedia articles, 2,400 high-resolution photos, 700 pieces of artwork and 3.5 hours of HD video, allowing users to immerse themselves in the world of the Bible.

Newsweek noted that Glo could "hasten the decline of bound scriptures. Unlike other digital Bibles - which look, well, like Bibles - this one is cool with a capital C."

Business magazine Fast Company greeted its arrival with the headline, ‘Glo Digital Bible Answers: What Would Jesus Click?’

Glo is the Bible "re-imagined for a digital world", according to Glo co-creator Nelson Saba.

"We're not just digitising the Bible," Saba said. "We are creating a product with layers of functionality that will make Glo relevant and engaging to this generation.

‘There is nothing wrong with the Bible but we have two generations which favour interactive media. Unless you put the Bible on that media you won't connect with them. It's not about mimicking paper. It's about offering an experience."

Glo users have the ability to take virtual reality tours of Jerusalem in the times of Christ, then view how it appears today, explore the Sistine chapel in high definition or customize a reading plan according to their interests.

Saba, a Brazilian evangelical Christian, is a former aeronautical engineer and has worked in private banking in technology.

Before Glo, Saba created iLumina, an interactive Bible and Encyclopedia Suite, which has sold more than 600,000 copies.

Three years ago, he joined forces with Phil Chen, a Taiwanese businessman, to create Immersion Digital.

Chen, whose family has an interest in the publicly traded company HTC, which manufactures handheld wireless devices designed to compete with the iPhone, has extensive experience as a digital technology creator and visionary, and is an ordained minister in Korea who attended Fuller Seminary.

"Glo takes you back and brings you closer in a friendly way to help you experience the beauty and truth of Scripture," Chen says.

"We are just as thirsty for its wisdom and richness to navigate life today. Glo further endeavors to inspire your participation in the grand story."

Chip Brown, the senior vice president of Bible publishing, Zondervan said, "We are thrilled to partner with Immersion Digital on the groundbreaking launch of Glo.

"Glo combines many of Zondervan’s most popular Bible study resources with a seemingly limitless array of multimedia content, all supported by an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that delivers an interactive Bible experience unlike any other. Glo will revolutionise the way people engage the Bible."

Glo’s first release is for use on Windows PC, which includes laptops and slate PCs. In the coming months, Glo will be available on Windows Mobile, Mac, iPhone and popular Internet browsers.

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